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Catastrophic Leads without PPC

Serious MVA & Death Leeads with Generic SEO or PPC
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Catastrophic Auto Accident Leads Through Accident News Blogging

Our highly advanced system recognizes accidents before news stations do, giving you a head start against your competitors.

Relatives and family members, who are anxious for any news of the accident, will often times call or contact via live chat or website form. Their inquiries turn into leads. Your firm will be the first to speak to these leads.

A new proven method for generating castrophic leads. A great additon to your existing marketing. Leads that will blow you away.

  • Catastrophic Leads Only!
  • 24/7 Accident News Bot & Blogging on your site
  • A Proven Method in California & other states
  • Cost Effective Method for Huge Exclusive Leads
  • Used by the One of Largest Firm in the Nation

These leads are from accidents featured on your local new stations and newspapers. Wrongful death, serious auto accident leads and pedestrian accidents.

Million Dollar Leads

Grow Your Practice with Exclusive Real-Time Leads That Convert to Clients.

Get Catastrophic Leads To Your Site Based on Smarter Methods. Fill out the form below for more information to see how we can generate leads ASAP.

The types of leads Generated to Your Site!

“That was my brother who died in the article you reported..”

“I was passenger (name ) and looking what to do next”

“I’m calling to find out about the accident you reported, that was my father who was killed by semi”

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